Best Places To Elope In The World For An Epic Adventure

May 14, 2024

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Elopement ceremony by Alouette lake in Golden Ears Park British Columbia

An adventure elopement is such a fun, meaningful, and exciting way to celebrate your love! And even better — there are so many epic places for adventure elopements all around the world, so I encourage you to select a destination that truly resonates with you; a place where you can create unforgettable memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. To help you start planning, here are my personal suggestions on the best places to elope in the world! (Plus, further down I’ve also included ten countries on my dream list that would offer some amazing elopement experiences). 

No matter where you decide to elope, these destinations will offer spectacular natural beauty, romance, and unique adventures!

Dreaming Of The Most Beautiful Places To Elope In The World?

New Zealand Is Calling Your Name!

The South Island is one of the best places to elope in New Zealand. It might be a long flight, but you’ll be rewarded with one of the most unbelievable landscapes in the world.

Hit the ski slopes in Queenstown, kayak Milford Sound, or say your vows before embarking on a multi-day hike through the Remarkables mountain range. It’s a dream destination best enjoyed in the Northern Hemisphere winter, as you can soak up the warmer weather and longer days. 

Do you crave adrenaline, love the mountains, and could never get tired of hiking? If so, you’ll definitely 100% love a South Island elopement, one of the best elopement locations for adventure. 

Couple sitting in rocky cliffs by the ocean in New Zealand overlooking the water

An Adventure Elopement In Portugal: Culture, Scenery, Romance!

The coastal areas are so well suited for an adventure elopement in Portugal! You’re spoiled for choice, with plenty of beaches near Lisbon to enjoy. Or, venture to the islands, as places like Madeira and the Azores are true outdoor playgrounds, popular in summer for hiking and swimming. 

Love good food, amazing wine, and seeking a relaxed, sunshine-y Mediterranean elopement? If so, Portugal is a 100% match! 

couple hugging during elopement ceremony in the coast of Portugal

Embrace La Dolce Vita In Italy 

Few places are more spectacular than Italy! A romantic Amalfi Coast elopement delights with charming villages like Ravello, known for their beaches, colourful hillside towns, and limoncello. 

Or, head north for a mountain elopement in the Dolomites, with craggy peaks, sparkling blue lakes, and vertical cliffs that are awesome for exploring — and for your wedding photos!

Love Mediterranean cuisine and spectacular scenery? If so, Italy 100% would suit your style for an adventure elopement!

drone shot of a couple sitting on a sailboat

!Hostia! Spain Is About To Wow You!

Spain is easily one of the best countries to elope for an adventure in Europe, especially if you seek island destinations. Or, the unique history and Catalan culture of Barcelona deliver high-energy fun and delicious cuisine. 

In the summer months, Spanish elopements often occur in the Canary or Balearic Islands, with turquoise beaches, sea caves, and lots of luxury resorts where you can unwind for a few days.

Love architecture, learning about new cultures, and could eat paella for days? If so, you might 100% love the amazing atmosphere, food, and wine that you can enjoy during a Spanish wedding!

destination elopement photographer captures couple hugging by orange rocky cove and the ocean in Playa Amarilla in the Canary Islands

Northern Lights Territory: Alaska Or The Yukon  

The Northern Lights have been so active recently, making now the perfect time to think about an adventure elopement in the Yukon or even to elope in Alaska!

Both regions offer beautifully unique scenery, including glaciers, mountains, and epic wildlife, true rugged wilderness destinations that offer tons of outdoor adventures, including camping, hiking, and fishing. The Northern Lights are most visible in autumn, winter, and spring, so definitely take that into account when planning! 

Are you a couple who loves being outdoors, hiking in remote terrain, and soaking up the energy of the mountains? If so, you’ll 100% love getting married in Alaska or the Yukon! 

Couple walking separately in their wedding attire at a remote mountain location in Alaska

British Columbia – One Of The Best Elopement Locations For Adventure In Canada!

You can’t go wrong with a BC elopement! Whether you’re dreaming of a snowy Whistler elopement adventure or a summertime Vancouver Island elopement on a remote beach, there is so much to love in this part of the world.

Or, elope in Vancouver then spend a few days hiking or exploring the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. 

For the adventurous, outdoorsy couple who love the combination of mountains and water, BC is 100% a perfect match for their adventure elopement! 

Whistler wedding photographer captures couple hugging during their helicopter elopement in Ipsoot Lake

10 Locations On My Dream List For Epic Elopement Adventures

Ok, let’s think big! If you could elope anywhere in the world, where would you go? It’s not an easy decision, I know, but for couples who are seeking adventure, romance, and a totally unique landscape, here are ten of the best countries or places to consider, which also happen to be on my bucket list! And guess what? – If you are the first couple to reach out for any of these destinations, you will receive a 20% discount on any of my photography packages:

1. The Rockies

The Rockies are one of my dream destinations with epic mountains, turquoise lakes, and spectacular glaciers — creating scenery not found anywhere else!

2. Costa Rica

This tropical destination delights with both jungle and beach elopement locations, and is ideal for adventure and observing unique wildlife. 

3. Iceland

Black sand beaches, volcanoes, and neon sunsets — say no more! Your Iceland elopement photos will be dramatic, edgy, and completely unique. 

4. Chile

Chilean Patagonia is windswept, jagged, and remote — ideal for romantics and thrill-seekers. 

5. Panama

The gorgeous tropical island of Bocas Del Toro is an eco-friendly destination, known for its beaches and culture. 

6. Scotland

The moody light and ancient castles of the Scottish Highlands will create such epic wedding photos. 

7. Greece

Famous for its history, sparkling Mediterranean beaches, and amazing food, an elopement in Greece is going to be relaxed, sunny, and so romantic. 

8. Morocco

The welcoming culture of Morocco is a unique and beautiful wedding choice — the sand dunes here are unlike anywhere else.

9. Thailand

From dense jungle to stunning beaches, the diversity of Thailand’s landscapes makes it one of the best elopement locations in the world for free spirits who crave adventure. 

10. Seychelles

The ultimate in tropical luxury, the Seychelles are perfect for diving, boating, and swimming in a romantic paradise. 

As your adventure elopement photographer, I’d be thrilled to join you anywhere in the world! Reach out to start planning — I can’t wait to hear from you.

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