Raw, Wild, Dramatic! Yukon Wedding Ideas For Nature-Loving Couples

December 14, 2023

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If you’re looking for some Yukon wedding ideas, you’ve come to the right place! This Canadian Territory provides some of the most dramatic scenery in the country, making it an absolute dream for any adventurous, nature-loving couple planning their special day.

Planning an adventure elopement timeline is important, even though no matter where or when you go, you’ll be awestruck by everything Yukon has to offer! So, if you’ve been wondering exactly where to get married in Yukon, keep reading to discover some of the best Yukon wedding resources that’ll ensure you have the most unforgettable day.

Kluane National Park

Located in southwest Yukon, this enormous national park has towering mountains, blue waters, and otherworldly views. Have a wilderness wedding by the crystal-clear waterfront of Kathleen Lake, surrounded by alpine forests that look like something out of a fairytale.

Or perhaps stand on the large glacier in front of Mount Logan, Canada’s tallest mountain, and watch as the sun goes down. A Yukon wedding here would create incredibly romantic and special moments, not to mention how stunning the golden hour photographs would be!

Inn on the Lake

For smaller wedding celebrations, this Whitehorse wedding venue offers spectacular lakefront settings with vast mountain views. Their dedicated celebration space and wedding package has a capacity of up to 46 people.

Elope on the peaceful Marsh Lake surrounding the inn, which is considered one of the greatest places to see the dancing aurora borealis (the longer, darker nights of winter offer your best chance of seeing it, but you may have luck anywhere from late August to mid-April). Make time at night to watch the incredible lightshow above, and afterwards get cozy by the campfire. It truly is one of the best Yukon wedding venues and would make for such a romantic, unforgettable end to your wedding day.

Miles Canyon

For off-the-beaten-path weddings in Yukon Territory, have you considered Miles Canyon? This Yukon elopement location has a stunning meandering river that was once used as the main passage during the Gold Rush and is surrounded by pristine nature.

This peaceful nature reserve and popular hiking spot is a great Whitehorse wedding option for its views of the exceptionally blue lake, towering trees, and volcanic cliffs.

Just 30 minutes away from Miles Canyon, why not stay a couple of nights at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs to kickstart your honeymoon? Relax in the outdoor pools, take a yoga class, or visit Yukon Wildlife Preserve to see a whole host of unique animals.  

drone shot photography of couple in their wedding attire laying down in the grass

Atlin Lake

This hidden gem is situated in a small rural community in Yukon and is known as Little Switzerland for its beautiful views. Explore the hills, walk alongside the beautiful wildflowers in spring, and stand on top of the mountain, looking out onto Yukon’s breathtakingly vast landscapes.

You could even get married in a boat on the large lake! Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the calm waters while exchanging your vows. This raw and unspoiled backdrop makes for a very intimate and memorable ceremony.

Haines Junction

Haines Junction is a village on the edge of some jaw-dropping vistas. From impressive snow-capped mountains to a mirror-glass river, your options for wedding scenery have no bounds.

For couples after an adventurous Yukon wedding, take a hike along Rock Glacier Trailhead to read your vows privately and snap some incredible photos with lake views. Have your first dance on the mountain, or bring a picnic — you can completely make it your own perfect day. The terrain here varies from whimsical wild grass to rugged rock surfaces, which makes for some remarkable Yukon nature wedding photography.

Tombstone Territorial Park

Located in Dawson City, this park is popular for hiking and is gorgeous no matter when you visit. It’s especially spectacular in fall, when the whole terrain turns from green to warm hues of red and orange, which would make for the most incredible wedding day backdrop.

The park has many trails to suit any level of hiker, with picturesque views of the mountains all around. Walking along the rocky ridges gives access to pristine alpine scenery and sweeping views across peaks and valleys.

Any Tombstone hike would make for a great adventure to mark the beginning of your new chapter together. Imagine eloping at the top of the remote mountain surrounded by untamed wilderness and spending the night under the stars at the onsite campground — what an amazing wedding day story!


With such flawless settings, the options for getting married in Yukon are endless. If you’re searching for an adventurous Yukon destination wedding photographer, send me a message and let’s create some magic together!

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