Killer Sunsets, Lush Beaches, Volcanic Scenery: How To Plan A Destination Wedding In The Canary Islands

Destination Wedding in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

If incredible mountainous landscapes, glimmering oceans, and year-round perfect weather are some of the wedding setting elements you’re looking for, a destination wedding in the Canary Islands is COMPLETELY your vibe!

These eight stunning islands, each with its own distinct and beautiful landscape, are great for couples, no matter their wedding day desires. From a romantic and intimate beachfront location to something a bit more adventurous, there are more than a few Canary Island wedding packages to choose from.

If you’re thinking “How do you get married in the Canary Islands?” or “How do I book a wedding in the Canary Islands?!” Well, I’ve got the breakdown of everything you need to know about planning your day, plus an introduction to some of these great locations!

When To Get Married In The Canary Islands

April to September temperatures: Mid to high 20s (°C)

October to March temperatures: Low to mid 20s (°C)

The subtropical climate means the Canary Islands have great weather the majority of the time. In the summer, the surrounding waters of the Atlantic Ocean ensure the temperatures don’t get unbearable. Even in the winter, the island is super comfortable. However, keep in mind there will be more storms and higher rainfall during this time.

Whether you’re thinking of a La Palma wedding, a Fuerteventura wedding or possibly getting married in Lanzarote, check the temperature and conditions of the specific island to make sure you’re more likely to get the weather you want.

What Does Your Dream Day Look Like?

Whether it's eloping at the top of a mountain, looking out onto the vast and wild landscape below, or keeping things classic and walking down the aisle of a gorgeous venue before dancing the night away, getting married in the Canary Islands means practically anything is possible.

Here are the eight stunning islands you can choose from for your celebration:

●  Tenerife

●  Gran Canaria

●  Lanzarote

●  Fuerteventura

●  La Palma

●  La Gomera

●  El Hierro

●  La Graciosa

A beach wedding in Gran Canaria might fit your vision, or perhaps a more off-the-beaten-path elopement in El Hierro. Take a look at each option to decide what will best bring your wedding dream to life.

Today we’ll be focusing mainly on Tenerife, the largest of the eight islands, which is surrounded by blue waters and diverse landscapes.

Destination Wedding in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Getting Married In Tenerife

Here are some of the best outdoor Tenerife wedding venues:

Mount Teide

Mount Teide, situated in Teide National Park (a world heritage site), is the tallest point in Spain surrounded by a desert and rough volcanic rocks. Hike up the active volcano (or get the cable car) and have an intimate wedding at the top. Alternatively, find a spot in the park with the mountain as your background — there’s no more iconic location for a Tenerife wedding!

Paisaje Lunar en Teno Alto

Do you want your wedding in Tenerife to have truly otherworldly views? The Lunar Landscape is a hiking trail surrounded by a remarkable rock formation, a pine forest, and jaw-dropping views of the volcanic landscapes. Spend some time by the towering natural rock structures to capture that iconic Lunar Landscape wedding photography.

Anaga Range

Anaga Rural Park is located northeast of Tenerife and is a protected site with valleys and ravines that reach down to the sea. Walk along the luscious and whimsical woodland full of flora and fauna for a quintessential forest elopement at Anaga Range. 

Playa de Benijo

This wedding venue in the Canary Islands has a striking black sand beach and crystal-clear waters — the perfect location for a remote Benjo Beach wedding. A sunset wedding here would be unbelievable, especially with the panoramic views and unique rock formations in the water paired with the black sand.

Playa Amarilla

Playa Amarilla is one of the best places to have a beach wedding in Tenerife. This dark, rocky beach has striking orange cliffs and gorgeous turquoise waters that wrap around it. A Canary Island wedding here would make for a beautiful, incredibly memorable ceremony.

Playa de Los Roques

Located north of Tenerife, this small and quiet beach has a contrasting dark shore with views of the volcanic formation in the pristine blue waters. The optimal time to get married here is when the tide is low and the beach is covered by the dramatic black sand.

Canary Islands Tenerife Elopement Wedding

Micro Wedding Venues In Tenerife

Here are some smaller Canary Island wedding venues to consider:

Puerto de La Cruz

●  Parque Taoro

●  El Castillo San Felipe

●  Parque de la Sortija

Los Gigantes

●  Piscina Natural Acantilado de Los Gigante

●  Mirador Archipenque

●  Puerto Deportivo Los Gigantes

Los Cristianos

●  Puerto Los Cristianos

Wedding ceremonies and blessings can be held anywhere in the Canary Islands, so you can curate your dream day just as you’d imagined! Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, and depending on your wedding day itinerary, a backpack, snacks, and some extra layers.

The different islands are all accessible via ferry, so make sure to bring your passport with you to be allowed on board. And lastly, don’t forget to make things official when you get back to your own country!

Planning A Destination Wedding In The Canary Islands?

If this has inspired you to get started on your own wedding plans and you’re in need of a destination elopement photographer, get in touch — together we’ll make your dreams into reality!

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