5 Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Vendors In BC

The whirlwind and excitement of getting engaged is such a special time! There’s so much to think about, plan, and prepare for in the wedding planning process, but one of the biggest decisions is choosing the best wedding vendors in BC for your wedding. 

From creative local florists to talented musicians who’ll help you dance into the night, we’re lucky to have so many incredible wedding vendors in Vancouver and throughout BC! However, more choice means more decisions, so how do you find and book the right people for your authentic and meaningful wedding that’ll be ideal for you? 

The right vendors truly make all the difference in your day, so it’s worth investing the time and energy into finding the right people to work with. Here’s how to choose wedding vendors that will make your wedding absolutely perfect, step by step. The process isn’t as hard as you might think, I promise!

1. Start With A Plan – Organisation Is Key!

I completely understand how overwhelming the process can be — how do I choose a wedding supplier? The absolute key is being organised!

I really encourage you to start by making a list, working out all of your essential vendors. For example, a Vancouver florist might be a must on your wedding vendor list but a videographer could be in the maybe category, depending on your wedding or elopement budget

Once you work out your must-have vendors, along with any favourites you might already have, it’s great to think about what characteristics are most important to you from each vendor.

For a wedding planner, someone organised and efficient is key, but also think about what you need from your other vendors, such as your musician. Do you want a lively DJ to get everyone dancing? Or a string band to play as you walk down the aisle? Working out what you need and what’s most important to you will streamline your planning process. 

Also, note any key questions you have for each person. What questions should I ask wedding vendors? Here are a few general starting points, but you can also find questions to ask your photographer here

  • How long have you been doing weddings and can you share any references or samples of your work?
  • Where in BC are you based? Do you charge a travel fee to my location?
  • Can you provide a breakdown of the total cost and fees?
  • What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?
  • What do I need to know about you/your business before we start working together?

Wedding planning apps and websites can also be a big help in choosing the best wedding vendors in BC – including Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, WedSites, Allseated and Zola

2. Do Your Homework Before Booking

How do I know if a wedding vendor is legit? Sure, that popular BC wedding caterer might have a picture-perfect Insta feed, but how do you know if they’re worth the cost?

One of my top tips is to gather as much information as you can before booking your BC wedding vendors. Speak with friends, family, or colleagues who might’ve gotten married or planned an event recently and ask who they’d recommend – and read business reviews too! Word of mouth is always a great option!

You can also talk to your BC wedding photographer or wedding planner since you’re likely to hire those vendors first, and ask if they have other vendors they’ve worked with recently and really loved. I’m always glad to share suggestions as I’ve had the pleasure of working with many incredible vendors throughout BC! 

Google searches (targeted by your location), social media like Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest, and wedding websites and magazines are also good starting points to find and research potential vendors. Sites like WeddingWire, TheKnot, and Zola are great websites to get started – and head to your newsagent for Today’s Bride, Real Weddings, and Wandering Weddings for elopement-specific vendors

getting ready wedding photo

3. Narrow Down Your Options 

Next, it’s time to narrow down your options. While personal recommendations are great when choosing the best wedding vendors in BC, it’s so important to find vendors that are a match to you and what you’re looking for. 

There are plenty of wonderful vendors for all kinds of couples, but with online reviews, personal recommendations, and personal preferences, you should be able to create a shortlist of who’s right for you. 

Please don’t get overwhelmed here, because it really all comes down to instinct! If you’re torn between a few florists, for example, ask yourself who you can see yourself working with, sharing your wedding with, and which vendor resonates the most with what you’re looking for.

4. Schedule A Call Or Meet And Greet

We’re getting close! It’s now time to think about planning a call or meeting with your most important wedding vendors. This is the time to see if they align with your values. Are the florists eco-friendly? Does your BC elopement photographer follow the leave-no-trace principles? Do they have the energy you’re looking for? 

Prepare for your calls by writing down your questions in advance so you don’t forget, and remember to be honest and transparent with them — it’s the best way to ensure you find the right vendors for your wedding. 

5. Book Your Fav BC Wedding Vendors As Soon As You’re Ready

Once you find a vendor, have a chat with them, and think, wow — it was meant to be, don’t delay! Book your top choice vendors as soon as possible, as popular hairstylists, venues and photographers book out well in advance. You don’t want to miss out, so it’s always better safe than sorry. 

To help with this, start your vendor selection as far in advance as you can, ideally, soon after you’ve locked in your date and venue. It can definitely feel like you’re paralysed with choice, so trust your gut! Instinct is there for a reason, so listen to that inner voice as it guides you one way or another. 

If you’re searching for a Vancouver or BC wedding photographer, I’d be delighted to chat with you or meet for a coffee. I’m all about adventurous and authentic weddings and I’d be honoured to capture all of the beautiful details as your professional photographer in BC. 

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